Artist Statement

I am an artist from Berlin with Russian roots. In 2013 I started painting abstract oil paintings on canvas. The world of abstraction fascinated me with its unlimited freedom and flexibility. Without any concrete planning of the artworks, I rather developed them in an intuitive and spontaneous way, in which I projected my acoustic and optic impressions on a two dimensional surface. Creating these artworks was for me a way of digesting my emotions and impressions. I really enjoyed the slow and reflexive process with painting on big canvases. The possibilities of mixing paint colours and working with colour spectrum were not only multifarious as artistic tools but also served as source of inspiration themselves.

Driven by desire to expand my boundaries, in 2016 I dedicated myself to more figurative art and began drawing abstract portraits. Having discovered a completely new technique to me, I drew only with black ink on white paper, which was a contrast to my colourful abstract painting. This helped me to focus on the outlines, light and shadow, and gradually my portraits and figures became a more realistic touch.

Currently, I am mostly focused on drawing androgyny or female faces. Experimenting with various mixed media to explore new possibilities, I work with pencils, ink, watercolours, and gouache. Art is an essential part of my life. It includes creating my own art and my own learning process, visiting museums and galleries, watching other artists’ work, as well as being part of artistic community, where we exchange experience, ideas and support each other.